About us

Intobi’s success wouldn’t be possible without our highly committed team. We share mutual interests and mostly believe in the same values. This integrity helps us to move forward.

"I solve practical problems!"

Andrew Tsopych


"Can I take a day off today?)"

Arina Sribnaya


"This simply cannot be my bug..."

Alexandr Nazarchuk


"Refresh the page and clear the cache"

George Panchenko

Team Lead

"What if I press this button..."

Alexandr Denysiuk

Senior PHP Developer

"Of course I can design that. Gimme Paint"

Rodion Provodin

Web Designer

"Some timey-wimey stuff"

Sergey Hural

Project Manager

"It’s just an error, nothing serious."

Vasyl Mykytyn

Senior .NET Developer

"Gosh, who wrote this nonsense?"

Vladyslav Hladyr

Senior PHP Developer

"Selling ice to Eskimos"

Vladyslav Chernykh


Meet the Team

Apart from having an excellent command in several programming languages and working extra hours, we actually DO know how to rest.