- this is IT company established to do well known things but with the Idea to build something everyone will know across all over whole world in a while.

At the very beginning and even now we do not sure to the end what we trying to build and how it should look like. But this is not possible to know before you did that.

If One man wanted to do the Wheel - he did not know what he wants to achive but he knew from the begginig it will be something new and really helpful for the world.

We know the stories where someone young and brave wanted to build another Car but absolutely new Car.

Another man wanted to build the Phone but different than everyone knows.

So lets have as a goal after a years started to be a part of that same stories building something started to be an example of extremely success and innovation way to do the IT.

Lets try.

why we do need this?

This is simply interesting. Do the risky things. Spend all your Life and use your only one chanse. And if we are right - we will be extremely happy looking at Intobi's office as a biggest and greates companies and be happy that you was brave enough to do this step in a dark to see the Light in result.

Intobi - this is not the question of Money as it is but this is the question of having a chanse build the thing for a centuries.

Having that as an input - we trying to do each and every action in a bit different way than everyone else do. It helps us to build our Client's success.
We are learning and growing together with our Clients. So once we receive new things to do for our Clients - we are doing that not just fot our Clients but for us together. We have as the Rule to make all the Job in a best way. It means for us in the end of the day our Client started to be more success so we are.

Intobi and all the employes learns how to speak with our clients as with friends. In this case we will understand the task needs to be done in a most detailed way. As much detailed understanding of Client's business we have - more chanse do the the job better than someone else can do. For us very importand starting from a very first call to get from the Client knowledges and understanding of the business. We always doing together business Analyse and help Client to do correct business design. After that we are deligating the task to the team.

In our team we have list of Web developers familiar with all the modern technologies on a Market. Durring the implementation we always thinking what will make the product most simple and most productive and success.
To reach that every member of the team is able to reach our Client if needed and we are discussing things as much detailed as possible. It helps us to move task to Production state.
Our expirience help us to keep Production always up and running. So we closed huge list of the projects and withing several years we saw a lot of things that can do not a good things for a production and in a result for a Client's business.
That is why we always planning all possible cases that could happen. We have the rule for this case "Hoping for the best. Planing for the worst".

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