Our IT company is established with the ability to create both everyday projects & systems up to important projects everyone will recognize worldwide.

Who are we?

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How we work

In our company we have team of Web developers familiar with all the modern technologies required in today’s markets. During implementation we are always thinking of what will make the product simple and more productive for your success.

Every member of our team is available for constant and open communication with you as a Client for prompt and effective communication. This helps us to move a task to Production state quickly.

We plan for multiple scenarios and look to anticipate multiple issues that you may encounter in live production.

Our depth of experience is deployed to keep your production environment always up and running.

"Also I can write a Code!"

Andrew Tsopych

"Can I take day off today?)"

Arina Sribnaya

"This is not my Bug..."

Alexandr Nazarchuk
Senior .NET Developer

"Refresh the page and clear cache"

George Panchenko
Team Lead

"I did not deploy this.."

Alexandr Denysiuk
Senior PHP Developer

"Do you know Paint?"

Rodion Provodin
Web Designer

"Can you open the Port?"

Aleksandr Torianyk
DevOps Engineer

"I think it was fixed automatically"

Sergey Hural
Project Manager

"Better you not Shutdown the Server!"

Igor Falkovsky
DevOps Engineer

""It should be CSS issue""

Nikolay Tarasenko
Front End Developer
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We will do all possible to make your more success as it will means for us - we will be more success as well.