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Intobi - The reverse side of development
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We admire being utmost honest with people. Hence, we may bombard you with questions to get a full-depth understanding of what you want to see at the end of our work. Once a comprehensive assessment of time needed has been completed, we elaborate you on required budget by setting a fixed price for a specific range of services.
Dedicated Team
The most important advantage you may have while working with a software house is having confidence in the future. You will never experience delays in your development process due to abrupt absence of a single developer. Intobi is always capable to deploy another employee to get you covered and avoid notorious HR shortages.
Time And Materials
Since predetermined goals may eventually change, our team can always review the workload and deliver custom solutions. This flexible attitude allows us to adjust to any new circumstances. As a result, time and money expenditure can be optimized in no time.
Preferred recreational running timing partner for Athletics Ireland. Irish running results and registration for runners. Also provide chip timing services including full event management.
Public booking platform allowing customers to do a efficient and smoothly tour bookings for all the family. Platform contacts 3 applications in a list - customer facing app, admin portal and mobile application.
Samporten is a web portal for coordination between maintenance companies, contractors and infrastructure owners. The service is developed with sophisticated functions for planning, risk management and direct communication.
Internal Web application designed to manage and analyze the various options open to customers, compare quotes from a variety of carriers, and helps to make an informed decision based on current insurance and financial needs.
"Andrew is serious about his work..»
- Alexander Edsvärd, Projektledare, Alltomsundbyberg
"Asks the right questions and are always willing to assist with code-reviews, fleshing out new ideas and coming up with suggestions..»
- Soeren Pedersen, CIO, MyRunResults
"Brilliant service and I would highly recommend him to anyone..»
- Seth Smith, CEO, RocketMessage
"I would highly recommend Andrew and the Intobi team to take on any challenge..»
- Yoela Palkin, Product Builder
Intobi People
"The most important part of every business is a professional team. Enthusiasm will help you survive, professionalism -- live.»
"Never rush with finance, as thoughtfulness is a key to success.»
"Like at war, in IT plans are useless, but planning is indispensable
"Sales is not about pushing your product, yet about building long-term relationships.»

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