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Hi, Guys. This is Andrew. CEO at Intobi. In most of the Videos you will see me speaking about some Interesting things. All of the topics I am describing here based on my Previous experience in IT. I was doing all the Different Roles in IT such as Full Stack .Net Developer, Architect, Team Leader, Project Manager, CTO and other things. All that gave me solid experience and now I am happy to share it with you so we all can discuss it and learn further. Feel free to write comments so I will reply back asap!)

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One week to Fail Project

About my friend Steve


You need to be Flexible

Do not rush

It can be Too Late

Do not fight with your Client

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Time is Value

Team this is not Individuals

Old Technologies is Good


Do not miss to ask Important questions

Be Trusted and Transparent for your Client